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A short by Sara North, titled Enouement.


Not a lot of dialogue is used, out of ten minutes only three sentences were actually spoken, but in that time a young man is looking back at his life through a masterpiece he is painting. He starts with his childhood, then his teen years and then imagines his future.


At the beginning, a kid is playing with a little boat in the beach and the movement of the camera follows the boat of how the kid is playing with it. It was very smooth. In this same scene he is running through the water, the camera follows him which means the DP is also running. The shot was very clear though and could see what was going on. This showed how much he enjoyed being on the beach, which is why i think she used it.

In the middle of the film, it starts to get emotional and when the main character is painting it gets intense. He was sad and angry at the same time and the shot was at first a close-up of his face in his arms.

Then the camera moves behind him and the painting in front of him. The director wanted us to feel in that moment and showed us his emotion making the audience feel it too. (Just touches the heart)

The pivotal moment for me was when his future self remembers his life when he sees the boat.

My favorite shots in this film were at the ending. All three guys had powdered paint in their hands, throwing it and having fun. The whole paint war was fantastic; the mixture of the colors was beautiful. At the beginning of the film he starts painting the canvas blue, then red following purple. Blue represented his childhood (the ocean and his shirt) and the color carries from his memories to his painting. Red was his teen years, and in his teen years his emotion was anger representing red and he was wearing re shorts, possibly. When he imagines the future the color was purple (mixture of red and blue but also maybe representing Alzheimer’s). The color sequence as a whole was so beautiful.

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  • 6 months ago

Camera Distances

For our first assignment in DFM 110 (Shooting for the Location) we experimented with camera distances and composition.
Getting the model subject in the right place was difficult along with the timing of the day right. Did not want to background to be over exposed or under exposed.
All in all this assignment was fun working with friends and getting the hang of how far the subject needs to be away from the camera for it the be a specific distance.
This Medium Close Up of my model was my favorite because it was a candid shot of her, which makes it all the better

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My Passion In Film

Honestly, I enjoy different aspects of film and not entirely sure which specific area my heart is set on. It has gone from Director of Photography to directing to sound.
Right now sound has really interested me. What got me interested was Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring because all the behind the scenes in that movie was incredible. There was so much that made the creatures so unique and the different type of sounds they had to use to make those creatures come alive, blew my mind.
By the end of college I want a solid answer on what I want to do in Film and it can be anything, I just hope it is in film.

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I Am the Doctor

Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales
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Brian Tyler
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Concerning Hobbits

Howard Shore
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The Avengers Theme

Alan Silvestri
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